For a major client of the company:

  • Ensure the proper execution of the services sold to customers in the framework of our contracts, research and implement corrective action plans to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers
    Interface with operations
  • Organize and control information reported to customers
  • Support Key Account Managers in the management of customer contracts

Customer relationship management in support of the sales team

  • Large Account Customer Interface in support of Corporate Account Managers
  • Follow-up:
    • Ageing, prioritisation of delays with centres/ transport/ processing of priorities;
    • stocks
    • blockages
    • ruptures and inter-centres;
  • Participation in the management of current contracts and in the start-up of new contracts
  • Coordination with the BUs and the different departments of the head office in the monitoring of Operations (Processing and analysis of forecasts in collaboration with Planning, Transport, Centers and IT )
  • Steering the achievement of the monthly objective (monitoring, alert, capitalisation, etc.)
  • Be the preferred point of contact for your customers


  • Process day-to -day claims and derive a processing and resolution methodology
  • Relay information between clients and other departments
  • Manage and ensure the necessary customer reports for traceability and special customer operations outside the specifications: quotations, organisation
  • Foster a “win/win” partnership with the customer to provide added value and build customer loyalty
  • Engage customers in evaluating our services and solutions
  • Design and deliver complex messages tailored to diverse audiences
  • Participate or even facilitate the copil or customer reviews

Development of performance monitoring tools

  • Support the sales team in performance evaluation and monitoring (Tableau Software)
  • Participation in the preparation of performance reviews
  • Link with business entities / IS Direction on the development of performance measurement tools

Knowledge of contracts and applications

  • Define the rules for designing indicators targeted by its customers
  • Drive late volumes and determine causes to alert and coordinate relevant entities
  • Practice various standard methods of analysis and problem solving traceability
  • Master the types of accounts reflecting the various customer contracts and ensure good execution of contracts outside transport
  • Initiate root cause analyses, know how to link data to root cause symptoms
  • Be able to offer additional benefits to added value
  • Monitor the regulatory and technical constraints of our environment
  • Check the correct application of the billing tools
  • Monitor financial outstanding
  • Participate in the referencing and purchasing of technical ingredient

Conditions to apply:


  • Bachelor’s degree 2/3 years with approximately 2/3 years of experience in a similar position
  • Mastering specific internal business software: (ROC, TREYVIS, 20/20, KHEIRA) and office applications: (office pack, business applications, etc.)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Contract and performance management
  • Proficiency in Reporting Techniques
  • Perfect fluency in English – spoken and understood – other languages is a plus


  • Organizational and planning skills
  • Customer oriented, diplomacy, and negotiation
  • Rigorous, persevering
  • Collaborative, team player
  • Anticipate, know how to identify priorities
  • Dependability and sense of responsibility
  • Respect of commitments
  • Results orientation
  • Available, organized and rigorous